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Two (or more) is Better Than One

Frendli focuses on bringing people together around shared interests and activities. While they're building new friendships, you're building new customer relationships. Every deal brings in two to four new customers to your business. Unlike other sites that cater to deal hunters that will likely never return, Frendli provides sophisticated targeting and deal funnel tools to ensure you get repeat customers and increased revenue.

Frendli Finds People Genuinely Interested in Your Brand

Drive new customers with ZERO upfront costs!

Get your deal out there for free. Create a deal, promo or unique experience and publish it in the Frendli App without paying a cent. We’ll present that deal to users with matched interests in your product, service or experience. Frendli users purchase your deal from Frendli for 2 to 4 people in advance and then redeem the deal at your location. Then we transfer you the money and keep a small percentage as the advertising fee. Couldn’t be easier! You get new customers and revenue without opening your wallet!

Reach the RIGHT customers for YOUR business

Frendli brings you the people that have the best chance of becoming lifelong customers. Frendli users tell us about the interests, activities and experiences they already enjoy. That’s how we match them with new friends. Instead of showing your deals to every customer, Frendli will present just the deals, promos and experiences that match with a new friendship’s interests. Move past the fad of flash deals and let Frendli show your new customers the right deal for them and you!

Frendli Users Are Looking For Your Product Or Service

We target your offers to only the users that have already demonstrated an interest. Real customers, not just deal hunters!

Food & Drink

Health & Beauty

Events & Activities

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Lessons & Training

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100% of people agree that having fun with friends while saving money on their favorite activities is AWESOME!

Meet Your New Favorite Customers

We'll be more than partners, well be friends! Become a Frendli Merchant and you'll quickly find that friends turn into repeat customers at a much higher rate than visitors from a flash deal site.

Frendli Solutions for Your Brand or Business

With analytics and tools, it's simple to monitor your success

Getting Started Is Easy

Work with our team to create a compelling offer for Frendli users and start bringing in new customers TODAY with ZERO upfront cost. We already know what our users love and we'll get your deal in front of the right people at the right time.

Target Real Customers

Sophisticated targeting allows you to reach only users that match the attributes of your target customer. This lets you weed out people who are simply deal seekers and have no intention of becoming repeat customers.

Build Your Customer Funnel

Research shows you MUST bring a new customer back three times to get them to stick and become a repeat customer. Our targeting funnel allows you to reach customers with tiered offers to keep them coming back and convert them into repeat business.

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