How to Be a Tourist in Your Town

Once summertime rolls around, the travel bug bites.

But, what if you and your friends have no travel plans on the horizon? Maybe you just recently moved to a new city? Or have no vacation time at your job?

Whatever the reason, you don’t need to be in a new country, state or even city, in order to explore. Aren’t the best tourists the ones that live like a local, after all! So, make like a local, grab a friend (or two! or three!) and have a staycation in your own city.

But how?

Put on your tourist cap! When you travel to a new city, it’s full of experiences you’ve never tried before. Channel that energy and challenge yourself to try something new. Here are some fun ideas to get the local wanderlust going.

Get a Hotel Room for the Night

Grab a friend and go away for the night!

Do you live in the suburbs? Consider getting a room in the city! Or if you live in the city, take a ride out to the countryside. Many of us spend our lives in little bubbles around work and home, and frequent many of the same places in our week. The key here is to start your day out of your own home and in a new environment.

There are plenty of unique places to stay on Airbnb! From glamping to treehouses, to RV’s to penthouse suites. If you’re looking for a unique getaway, Airbnb is a great place to start.


Turn Transportation into an Activity

We here in San Diego like to get around in a variety of ways—scooters, roller blades and bikes are seen on many SD streets. Instead of driving to your next destination, look up what other modes of transportation you can take to make the journey part of your exploration.

Another great option is to rent a new car for the weekend. Whether that be a convertible, a sports car, or a car to go off-roading pick your new set of wheels, a friend, and drive in style. Getaround is a peer-to-peer car share that allows you to rent other people’s cars a la Airbnb.


You Can’t Spell Tourist Without Tours!

Tours can get a bad reputation that they’re crowded or only for tourists, but they’re a ton of fun. Tours are a great way to learn about your surroundings, meet new people or share an activity with a new friend.

Depending on where you live you can go on a bike tour, culinary tour, beer tour, historical tour or museum tour, to name a few.

Tours are a great way to educate yourself on your city. And when you have visitors, you can be the tour guide.

Think Outside the Box

If you struggle with coming up with weekend plans, Facebook and Instagram are great tools to find new activities in the area. On Facebook, use the explore section and select events. You can easily invite a friend to the event through Facebook.
On Instagram, follow local accounts! Restaurants, venues, and the city itself all have social handles. The “places” option is also a great way to look up local favorites.

Pro-Tip: on our Instagram, @getfrendli, we share local San Diego spots that are great places to hang out with friends!


Signature Dish

Every city has a signature dish. For example, Boston’s signature dish is clam chowder, Austin’s is BBQ, and San Diego’s is fish tacos. Go on a culinary tour of the bests in your town with friends. Simply search “Best (dish) in (your city)” and let the beauty of the internet guide you.


The best way to become a tourist in your town is to grab a friend and change your mindset. Together, you can embrace the details that make your home unique, take a road you normally wouldn’t go on, and gain a fresh perspective on your neighborhood.